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Mary-Lou Weisman’s most recent book is Al Jaffee’s Mad Life, (Harper Collins, 2010). She is a prize winning journalist and best-selling author. She began her writing career as a freelance writer and columnist, most notably for The Atlantic Monthly, the New Republic and The New York Times.

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Intensive Care

A book about loving and caring for a child with Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy

Intensive Care: A Family Love Story is a memoir about how my husband, Larry and I, along with our sons Adam and Peter, struggled to thrive as a couple and a family, even as Peter was dying of muscular dystrophy. Admiring critics have variously described Intensive Care as “rowdy,” “angry,” “moving” and “sometimes hilarious.” The book, originally published by Random house, was made into a movie starring Liza Minnelli.

“A Classic”

~ Maggie Scarf

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Intensive Care

Praise for Intensive Care:

This book – so wise, powerful and moving, so seductively engrossing – is a brilliant debut.

~ Publisher's Weekly

This is an exhilarating book about life, love and joy as well as about sadness and death.  It is wonderfully written; probably you will read it without getting up from your chair.

~ Robert and Suzanne Massie

There are times where the power of Weisman’s prose squeezes the heart like a sponge, but perhaps the best moments leave you laughing.”

~ Phyllis Theroux, Washington Post