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Jack in the (Wheelchair) Box

Oct 19, 2012

“What do you want to be for Halloween,” was always a big deal issue in our house, especially when it came to what Pete could “be” besides a handicapped child in a wheelchair. If there’s ever a time when you want your child to be able to be and feel and pretend just like every other kid, it’s Halloween. Gone were the days when Pete and his older brother Adam could dress as bums, with bundles hanging from a stick slung over their shoulders, or trick and treat as cowboys and Indians. Those were the ambulatory days.

But now, with Pete in an electric wheelchair, we were at a loss, until his Dad came up with an idea that Pete would be a jack-in-the-box. Larry lugged a huge, square carton that once contained our dryer, from the basement. We cut a hole just large enough for Pete’s head to fit through. Then we painted all four sides of the box in bright harlequin patterns. Larry made a crank out of a bit of broken broomstick. I made a ruffle to go around Pete’s neck, and a pointy paper hat with a fuzzy ball on top to wear on his head. A little lipstick on the tip of his nose and Pete was ready to roll.