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Mary-Lou Weisman’s most recent book is Al Jaffee’s Mad Life, (Harper Collins, 2010). She is a prize winning journalist and best-selling author. She began her writing career as a freelance writer and columnist, most notably for The Atlantic Monthly, the New Republic and The New York Times.

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Reviews and Praise:

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Jaffee’s story is a seamless collaboration of gifted writer and charismatic storyteller. Weisman carries Jaffee’s voice on her back so gracefully that the reader barely notices her presence. Al Jaffe’s Mad Life is a riveting, ridiculously beleaguered story of a child whose luck reversed itself so many times that going mad was a real possibility. Instead, Jaffee picked up a pencil and became a legend. What a hard road! What a generous book.

~ Phyllis Theroux's most recent book is The Journal Keeper, a memoir

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Middle age goes by so fast. How wonderful of Mary-Lou Weisman to provide a record book of our estrogen years so that we can relive every moment of our meltdowns . . . . A great gift for middle-agers and those in denial.

~ Erma Bombeck

Mary-Lou Weisman may just be the Erma Bombeck of travel writing. For, like Bombeck, she offers sage advice, generously laced with frequent dollops of humor.

~ Jack Severson, The Philadelphia Inquirer